Saturday, February 25, 2012

I, Crimsonstreak: New World Common Wealth Timeline

April 16, 2000 – Miss Lightspeed dies following an encounter with the supervillain Zeus Caesar.

2001-2005 – Chris Fairborne and Colonel Chaos become increasingly estranged as Chaos experiments with different ways to bring Miss Lightspeed back. Their father-son relationship is permanently damaged when Chaos employs a woman named Mimicry to portray his dead wife. Chaos also makes several attempts to clone Miss Lightspeed. During this time, Chaos sketches out plans for a one-world government called the New World Common Wealth.

April/May 2006 – Unable to cope with the pressure of assuming Miss Lightspeed’s form all the time, Mimicry commits suicide. Colonel Chaos experiments with an interdimensional transporter.

January 2007 – After several failures, Chaos successfully tests the interdimensional device and pulls an alternative Miss Lightspeed (Lightspeed 2) into his dimension. He hides the discovery from the rest of the world and establishes a secret base of operations in the Caribbean.

May 2007 – Alternate-reality Colonel Chaos (Colonel Chaos 2) makes his first attempt to transport himself to a new dimension to save his missing wife. The experiment results in an explosion that destroys the Fairborne family’s hometown. Chris Fairborne arrives to investigate, and Chaos 1 believes his son’s super-speed has grown unstable. To protect the world from his son’s powers, he pins the explosion on Chris and sends him to the Clermont Institution for the Criminally Insane. The estrangement of father and son is complete.

Mid-June 2007 – Colonel Chaos 2 successfully transports himself to the new reality. Chaos 2 and Lightspeed 2 team up on Chaos 1 and subdue him after a protracted fight. Before his defeat and capture, Chaos 1 erases his son’s existence from his computer database. Chris Fairborne’s whereabouts are lost to the world.

Late June 2007 – With Chaos 1 in stasis, Chaos 2 uncovers plans for a one-world government called the New World Common Wealth. He begins consolidating U.S. resources for a full-scale global takeover, but several nations resist.

August 2007 – First contact made with extraterrestrial beings known as the Kiltechs. Alien invaders appear peaceful at first, but eventually reveal their true intentions by slaughtering a group of world leaders during a peace conference. Chaos 2 assembles a provisional council to oversee a united resistance called the New World Common Wealth. Miss Lightspeed returns to public service. The circumstances surrounding her resurrection are murky.

August 2007-September 2008 – Chaos 2 and his forces fight against the Kiltech invaders. The Kiltechs blockade the earth, and overestimate the effectiveness of their occupying force. The miscalculation allows Chaos 2 to rally more countries and superheroes to his cause, but the alliance is shaky.

January 2008 - President Conrad assassinated.

March 2008 - Colonel Chaos welcomes his son Christopher Fairborne back, telling the world his son has been rehabilitated and is ready to serve.

September 2008 – The Kiltechs destroy the West Coast, galvanizing the resistance movement. Chaos 2 calls for a final offensive against the alien invaders. A coalition of superheroes destroys the Kiltech’s main ship, and the remaining alien force retreats. Chaos 2 dissolves the provisional council and the Heroic Legion. With his popularity at an all-time high, he redraws state and international borders as his New World Common Wealth gains power.

2010 – Chris Fairborne escapes from the Clermont Institution for the Criminally Insane.