Saturday, February 25, 2012

I, Crimsonstreak: Crusading Comet Timeline

August 17, 1921 – Warren Kensington (Warren Sr.) is born in Schenectady, New York.

July 21, 1933 – Mortimer P. Willoughby is born in Leeds, England.

1939-1945 – Warren Sr. joins the Army and serves with distinction in the U.S. effort during World War II. He marries shortly before departing for Europe.

1946 – Warren Sr.’s first and only son, Warren Kensington, Junior (Warren Jr.) is born. The family settles in New York City.

1955 – Warren Sr. develops an interest in chemistry and develops a revolutionary cleaner called Comet-Sparkle.

1956 – Wow Corporation buys rights to Comet-Sparkle, a move that makes Warren Sr. very wealthy. Warren Sr. hires 23-year-old Mortimer P. Willoughby to tutor his son and help run the household.

1958 – Upset by rising street crime, Warren Sr. creates an alternative persona called the Crusading Comet. The Comet makes his first appearance by saving a young lady from a group of thugs. Warren Sr. is 36 years old.

1964 – Warren Jr. marries.

July 1966 – Warren Kensington III (Warren III) is born. Warren Sr. and other heroes form the Heroic Legion.

April 1969 – Warren Sr. dies during a fight with a notorious arms dealer. Warren Jr. takes up the mantle of the Crusading Comet, entrusting the upbringing & education of Warren III to 35-year-old Mortimer P. Willoughby.

June 1969 – Warren Jr. makes first public appearance as the Crusading Comet, unveiling new crime-fighting armor designed to counter firearms.

1969-1986 – Warren Jr. serves with distinction as the second Crusading Comet. He is eventually elected leader of the Heroic Legion.

April 1986 – Warren Jr. killed. Warren III takes up mantle of the Crusading Comet. He is 19 years old.

November 1992 – Warren Kensington IV (Warren IV) born. As is now family tradition, Mortimer P. Willoughby is entrusted with the boy’s education & upbringing. He is 59 years old.