Wednesday, March 28, 2012

We're Going Crimsonstreaking!

Candlemark & Gleam and I (that's two separate things, not three) want you to go streaking!

Make that Crimsonstreaking!

To celebrate the launch of I, Crimsonstreak, we're asking you to show us your best Crimsonstreak/Olympic runner pose! Facebook it, email it, Tweet it (with the hashtag #crimsonstreaking) and get your friends to follow suit.

Five Crimsonstreakers will win digital copies of the book; one lucky winner gets the book and a cornucopia of great I, Crimsonstreak, stuff!

Before the fun starts, let's go through some examples of what we're looking for and give you a few reminders.

CLOTHING IS NOT OPTIONAL. You can send whatever you want to whomever you want, but we want you clothed! Or at least mostly clothed. You can't win if we can't publicly post your picture in good taste.

NO KNEELING. That's #tebowing. This is #crimsonstreaking. You need to look like you're running.

I LIKE FOOTBALL, BUT... Actually, you can have a football as long as you're running with it. No Heisman poses. Absolutely no Michigan Wolverines helmet. #rule

NO WALKING THE PLANK. We're hoping #crimsonstreaking is safer than planking.

That is all.

More details are at the Candlemark & Gleam website.