Friday, March 16, 2012

I, Crimsonstreak: The Primer, Part II

I, Crimsonstreak: The Primer took a quick look at the main characters in the book (you can find it here).

Let's move on to The Primer: Part II, key places and concepts you'll find along the way.

Clermont Institution for the Criminally Insane: Known as the "Clermont Rehabilitation Facility" to those in power, Clermont is a place reserved for the evilest of evildoers. Crimsonstreak ends up here after being framed by his father. At the beginning of the story, our hero has been imprisoned for approximately three years.

Enforcers: The sadistic prison guards and henchmen responsible for maintaining the peace (translation: beating the crap out of anyone who would dare defy Colonel Chaos). Enforcers wear bulky, matte-gray armor and carry a nasty weapon known as a particle buster.

New World Common Wealth: As countries fought over resources and ideologies, Colonel Chaos decided to step in and stop it. He quietly laid out a plan for a one-world government called the New World Common Wealth (NWCW) that would divide the world into regions, redraw borders, and strip countries of their individual identities. Many resisted Chaos' diplomatic overtures, but his persistence would eventually pay off. Several European powers still refuse to join.

Region Seven: When Chaos reorganized the United States, he placed the state of Indiana in Region Seven, an area that includes Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, and Kentucky. Chaopolis (formerly Indianapolis) is the capital of Region Seven...and the center of government for the New World Common Wealth.

Meta-Route 65: Because he's a maniacal control freak who likes to waste time and money, Colonel Chaos ordered the reorganization of the U.S. interstate system. Meta-Route 65 is the stupid-sounding equivalent of Interstate 65, complete with pointless new signage.

High Imperator: A dictator needs a title, and Colonel Chaos drew inspiration from antiquity. Instead of declaring himself emperor, president, or tsar, Chaos took the title "High Imperator." He also likes being called the "Great One," although the latter is not his official title.

Special Projects: The research wing of Colonel Chaos' new world order, Special Projects (SpecPro) houses a variety of philanthropic endeavors including deadlier iterations of the particle buster, better Enforcer armor, and superhero depowering rays.

Kiltech Incursion: As Colonel Chaos struggled to gain global acceptance of the New World Common Wealth, aliens called the Kiltechs invaded Earth. They arrived under a banner of peace, but quickly destabilized the world after eliminating several leaders during a peace summit. Chaos rallied a large resistance against the invaders, eventually driving them away. Hailed as a hero, Chaos consolidated his power base, dissolved the provisional ruling council, and watched as other countries practically lined up to join his new world order.