Thursday, March 29, 2012

Five Favorite Science Fiction Tropes

I, Crimsonstreak doesn't only pay tribute to classic comic book tropes. Science fiction and fantasy books and movies have also played a large role in its development.

Here are five common science fiction concepts you'll find in the Crimsonstreak universe.

Cloning: From Judge Dredd to Star Wars, Star Trek, Jurassic Park, and many others, cloning is a time-honored tradition in science fiction. In the book, Colonel Chaos has attempted to make a clone of his dearly departed wife, although something is perpetually "off" about the process. He's also cloned his son with similarly mixed results.

Multiverse: The book operates under the belief that multiple realities/alternate universes exist. The concept has been featured in many different science fiction venues. The multiverse theory typically means that multiple realities exist simultaneously, while alternate realities are usually triggered by a single "change" within a timeline. The Matrix, Inception, Star Trek, Sliders, and even It's a Wonderful Life incorporate this idea.

Superhuman powers: A human isn't simply a human. Some of us have extraordinary powers granted by genetics or (sometimes) magic. Obviously, this idea is the basis for many comic book/superhero stories. Science fiction/fantasy characters often display unique gifts ranging from telekinesis to teleportation, flight, shape-shifting, and the ability to manipulate elements. Most of these abilities (and many more) are exhibited by characters in the book.

Aliens: Extraterrestrials. Visitors from beyond. Aliens. Alf. Whatever you call them, the belief that humanity isn't alone in the universe drives a lot of science fiction stories. In I, Crimsonstreak, earth has been visited and nearly subjugated by an alien species called the Kiltechs. Colonel Chaos managed to defeat them, but I imagine an alien threat like that won't stay dormant for long...

Dystopia: From Brave New World to 1984 and even The Hunger Games, science fiction often imagines a bleak future for humanity when catastrophic events warp the globe or sinister world governments take control. When Crimsonstreak escapes from the Clermont Institution for the Criminally Insane, he finds democracy supplanted by the New World Common Wealth, a "utopian" society controlled by his father and tightly controlled by menacing Enforcers.