Monday, March 5, 2012

I, Crimsonstreak Commentary: Appendix III

Appendix III

History of the Crusading Comet

Author’s Notes

  • The Crusading Comet character has a rich and interesting history. His presence throughout several decades allowed me to show the evolution of the character.

  • The original version of the Comet is reminiscent of “The Shadow” or other pulp heroes. The fedora and trench coat are dead giveaways for this. It’s interesting to note that Warren Kensington Sr. didn’t start patrolling as the Comet until he was in his late thirties.

  • The article concerning the Comet’s first adventure originally included some more lurid details regarding the men and their intentions for the victim. However, those kind of details were out of place given the journalistic style of the era.

  • The police department isn’t very happy with the Crusading Comet because he’s doing their job for them. The chief basically makes the Comet “public enemy number one” when he criticizes the masked avenger’s war on crime.

  • Chief O’Hara, by the way, is a callback to the Adam West Batman series.

  • In many superhero stories, the vigilante has a sympathetic friend inside the department. The most famous pairing is Batman and Commissioner Gordon. For the Crusading Comet, it’s Lieutenant Bill Hale.

  • Note how the Comet’s tech appears both advanced and crude at the same time during his early adventures.

  • Writing journal entries from Morty’s perspective was a blast.

  • In Morty’s first entry, he expresses concerns for Warren Kensington’s state of mind and wonders about his willingness to train Warren Jr. to take up the mantle of the Comet. Morty believes the Comet is a product of madness; that his master could find a better way to contribute to the world. At the same time, he is the loyal servant who doggedly protects his master’s identity and helps the man’s son become the next Crusading Comet.

  • It was important for me to show that the Comets had different personalities. Warren Sr. was completely dedicated to his job, but he was a novice. Warren Jr. is brash, an untamed bronco and a loose cannon.

  • Morty’s journal tells us what “really” happened to the elder Kensington while the newspaper article shows us that Morty and Warren Jr. are masterful spin doctors. Bravo, gentlemen.

  • When the second Crusading Comet appears in public, people don’t know what to think. The original Comet was the strong, silent type. Suddenly, the Comet’s out in public in a flashy new uniform and interacting with the public after avoiding the spotlight for several years. People note the change, but they don’t understand the reason behind it.

  • Bill Hale, by the way, has been promoted to Captain.

  • A random wire story informs us that Warren Jr. exacted his revenge on “The Fixer.”

  • We take a very major jump from 1975 to 1992. The death of Warren Jr. isn’t even mentioned. According to the Crusading Comet timeline, Warren Jr. died in 1986, pushing Warren III into duty at the age of nineteen.

  • The very first Morty journal entry I wrote detailed the wild & swingin’ Valentine’s Day featuring Warren III. We learn the current Comet is a ladies’ man with an adventurous streak. He’s more of a Bruce Wayne/Tony Stark billionaire type, someone much
    flashier than his predecessors.

  • Morty genuinely adores Warren III’s love interest, Katie. He hopes a small part of her remains with the family. Indeed it does; she’s the mother of Warren IV.

  • Dawn Magazine strikes again, this time with a short featurette on the Kensington family’s swanky butler, Mortimer P. Willoughby.

  • Morty’s final journal entries reflect the development of the New World Common Wealth. It gives us a different view on the rise of Colonel Chaos’ government and the many questions surrounding the wisdom of giving so much power to one man. Morty remains steadfast in his opposition to Chaos, and even expresses disgust at the Crusading Comet and the Heroic Legion for supporting him. Thus, he’s planting the seeds of an underground movement to oppose Chaos.

  • Morty is a strong character. His role as a butler allows him to stay in the background while remaining an active part of the resistance.