Monday, March 12, 2012

I, Crimsonstreak: The Costumes Uniforms

A superhero's costume uniform is one of the most important parts of comic books--especially given the emphasis on dynamic visuals. I, Crimsonstreak isn't a comic book, yet our heroes and villains still have splashy, bright uniforms.

Let's visualize!

Crimsonstreak: All right, this one's easy. For better or worse, Chris Fairborne AKA Crimsonstreak appears on the cover of the book in full uniform. His ensemble has more in common with a speedskater than anything else; it's designed to be streamlined and wind-resistant. Crimsonstreak travels at such high speeds that regular spandex probably doesn't do the trick.

Crusading Comet: The Crusading Comet appears in his full regalia only a handful of times in the book (only in flashbacks, actually). Think of his suit as a combination of Batman body armor (Bale or Keaton version; it doesn't really matter) with a splash of Ted Kord-era Blue Beetle. The Comet wears a darker shade of blue (more of a navy) and has a stylized "comet" symbol across his chest. His mouth and chin are exposed; the Comet does not wear a full helmet.

Colonel Chaos: During his early days as a villain, Colonel Chaos favored black bodysuits with ridiculous accoutrements like garish shoulder pads, white forearm gloves, and a flowing cape. After repenting of his villainous ways, he retained an affinity for sleek black bodysuits for work in his lab and out in the field. In the age of the New World Common Wealth, Chaos' look has evolved toward a militaristic tunic with a high collar and NWCW logos on the shoulders. No matter the outfit, Chaos sports shiny black books polished with obsessive detail.

Miss Lightspeed: Before her death, Miss Lightspeed was atypical among female heroes. While her contemporaries favored tight bodysuits, sequins, and midriff-baring "barely there" outfits, Miss Lightspeed dressed far more modestly and put an emphasis on practicality. Her usual outfit included an off-white top with matching pants; both had a variety of zippered pouches. A dark red cape and matching boots were concessions to her superhero lifestyle. She did not wear a tiara.

Enforcers: As befits their role as faceless scourges of a totalitarian regime, Enforcers wear generic, matte-gray, hard-shell armor devoid of personality or customization. Think Starship Troopers or Minority Report, and you get the idea. Members of the law enforcement arm of the NWCW also wear visored helmets and keep a nasty particle buster holstered by their side at all times.

Mortimer P. Willoughby: A butler's job is never done...and Mortimer P. Willoughby always carries an aura of elegance. A topcoat with tails, expertly tailored pants, crisp white shirt with a bow tie, and white gloves speak to his refinement and attention to detail. Morty's typical outfit also includes thick-rimmed glasses, polished dress shoes, and an assortment of secret devices hidden within his seemingly harmless topcoat.