Monday, March 5, 2012

I, Crimsonstreak Commentary: Appendix II

Appendix II

The New World Common Wealth Era

Author’s Notes

  • We’ve gotten a decent sense of what led to the New World Common Wealth, but I thought it would add value to the book by expanding on it a little bit. We get to see the rise of the NWCW through some newspaper articles.

  • Colonel Chaos 2 has trouble getting the New World Common Wealth off the ground. His first move is announcing the return of Miss Lightspeed, a popular hero whose death stunned the world. He explains that an advance in medical technology allowed her to be brought back.

  • The Heroic Legion basically plays the role of Joseph Kennedy in the rise of Colonel Chaos to power. They appease Chaos by throwing their support behind him, giving him much more legitimacy than he deserves.

  • Samson Knight, Great Alexander, and the Amazing Merrick all have larger parts in the proposed sequel to I, Crimsonstreak.

  • I think I speak for everyone when I say Gabriel Sewell can go to hell. He’s the Scarlet DashBoy of politicians.

  • A brief article mentions Chris Fairborne’s return to the world. Of course, this is a clone of our hero. It may not even be the Imperator Chris from the book. We know that Chaos had dozens of Chris Fairborne clones and lamented their “imperfections.” Note that Chris is the first to utter the famous phrase, “Enemies of the Common Wealth must die!”

  • I play some fake political games here. The “coalition of the wise” is a play on the “coalition of the willing” from the U.S. invasion of Iraq. Chaos’ ascension to power mirrors that of Hitler.

  • By the time the West Coast is destroyed, Chaos has managed to get more countries to buy into his idea for the NWCW. There are still some holdouts, however, and not even all of the U.S. is on board.

  • If you read between the lines, Colonel Chaos 2 allowed the Kiltechs to destroy the West Coast (and Jaci confirms this in the book). The sacrifice of a few to save many (and consolidate his power) is worth it to Chaos. Not everyone along the West Coast died, of course, but much of the land remained uninhabitable.

  • The tone of the newspaper articles is also starting to shift. Whereas they started out as fairly neutral, you get the sense that the media is starting to rally behind Colonel Chaos. We’re not to Fox Chaopolis News levels yet, but we’re getting closer.

  • By September 19, 2008, the American Times is replaced by Fox Chaopolis News. Chaos outlines his plans for “regions” and the Enforcers who will guard them. No one can stop him now.