Friday, March 2, 2012

A Solid Friday

I didn't really accomplish all that much today, but I took care of a few administrative duties.

My Kindle is, unfortunately, broken. Amazon is on the case, though, and is sending me a replacement. It'll get here next week.

I worked on the ABC's of Crimsonstreak series today and designed several permutations of the banner logo. I ended up with one that I really like.

To prepare readers for my book, I wrote up a quick primer with character sketches for all the main players in I, Crimsonstreak. I won't post it until I get the official go-ahead for a cover reveal.

All the chapter commentaries for I, Crimsonstreak are finished, and I've made plans for a "Crimsonstreak Central" tab on the homepage. I also worked last night on a blog redesign.

Perhaps I accomplished more than I thought. Hmmm.