Monday, March 26, 2012

Dark Carnival Ahoy!

I while back, I sold my short story "Harrigan the Magnificent" to Timid Pirate Publishing for its Dark Carnival anthology. My contributors' copies arrived today, and as is a quasi-tradition on the's a look at the cover and the table of contents.

A summary of my story:
Strange psychic messages draw Harrigan to a sinister circus where children disappear in the wake of the grand finale. Determined to save the victims, the luckless antihero confronts the dark mistress behind the behind the plot and stumbles across an unexpected, bittersweet destiny.
As a bonus, editor Nate Crowder took the original ending of "Harrigan the Magnificent" and threw it away...and then decided to use it as an epilogue for the anthology.

You can get Dark Carnival at the Timid Pirate website or