Sunday, April 3, 2011

Attack of the 50FT Book Table of Contents

The all-powerful Table of Contents is now tentatively set for the Attack of the 50FT Book anthology from Library of the Living Dead Press. Editor Wayne Goodchild has kindly provided his TOC, which follows below. Edits are in the future for the authors; it's also possible the table of contents could shift slightly...though Wayne does not believe that will happen.

So, anyway, here's a look:

Fragment – Charles M. Saplak

Exploit All Monsters – Murray Leeder

Wizardrix Versus Sorcelator – Ben Godby

Award Season – Lorne Dixon

Chubby Cheeks – Suzanne Robb

Delbert the Destroyer – J.T.Riff

Renovations – John Michael Martin

Deus Ex Coccinelidae – Neil Morris

And Then There Were One – Steve Ruthenbeck

Hantu Bunuh – Klaus Mundt

Curse of the Earth Monster – Charles Day

Gus and Mariel – Matt Adams

Seven Wonders – Brandon Cracraft

Clean Up On Seventh Avenue – Bill Bibo Jr.

Wednesdays Are Triple Feature Day At The Odeon – Patrick Flanagan

All The Gods of Earth – Michael C. Lea

Congratulations to all the authors whose stories were picked for the anthology. When I learn more about the timetable for edits and publication, you'll hear it here!