Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Mission Accomplished!

This is in sort of a George W. Bush, aircraft carrier way, but my mission for I, Crimsonstreak is accomplished!

Today, I organized all the meta-fiction into appendices. I revised some of the text, but today was mostly about placement and putting all the parts together.

Here's a look at the different sections:

Appendix I: Chaos Family History. These are articles about the hero Crimsonstreak and his family. The material includes articles about the exploits of the hero's father, who was an infamous supervillain before reforming and marrying our hero's mother. This section includes newspaper articles, a birth announcement, and a lengthy article from Dawn Magazine, which is sort of the People or Us Weekly of my created world.

Appendix II: The New World Common Wealth Era. In the novel, Crimsonstreak's father takes control of the entire world and establishes a unified, global government called the New World Common Wealth. The articles in this section detail some of the events leading up to the creation of the NWCW.

Appendix III: History of the Crusading Comet. In the book, our hero Crimsonstreak teams up with a teenager and the boy's proper butler. This section details the history of the boy's family's legacy as the Crusading Comet, complete with newspaper articles, journal entries from the family butler Mortimer, and a Dawn Magazine profile about Mortimer's long-time service for one of the country's wealthiest families.

Appendix IV: Selected Writings of Christopher Fairborne, aka Crimsonstreak. These are newspaper articles the main character wrote while in high school and college. I cribbed them from some columns I wrote...modifying them slightly to make them more in tune with the character's personality. It's just a fun little background section to give insight into Crimsonstreak.

Appendix V: Dawn Magazine Profiles in Heroism. Dawn Magazine loves its superheroes! This section includes profiles of several heroes encountered throughout the book, including Crimsonstreak, his dad Colonel Chaos, his mother Miss Lightspeed, and the mysterious Crusading Comet.

Appendix VI: Secret Villain Dossiers from the Files of the Heroic Legion. The Heroic Legion was kind enough to provide a series of its non-classified villain dossiers. Some information is redacted, but the summaries provide a unique glimpse into the Legion's villain evaluation process and the villains themselves.