Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Beta Readers Assemble!

For the first time ever, I'm proud to announce that I'm utilizing step three on the Peytonometer. In past submissions, I went straight from "Audibles" to "Going Deep." But this week I sent my first assignments to some people who have kindly agreed to critique my work. Let's hear it for the "Beta Reader Handoff!"

If you haven't noticed, I am half-crazy. Or possibly all-crazy (whichever you want to believe). I spent a little time over the weekend trying to figure out a way to thank my kind and benevolent beta readers (they are kind and benevolent until they actually send back their critiques, of course). My best idea: who doesn't love a t-shirt?

Then, I got even more ridiculous. In my book The Franchise, superpowers play a big role. Employees of OMNI Corporation have one of a range of abilities. Those who control fire are called "Crispers," those with power over ice & water, "Cubers," those with the power of flight, "Gliders," and so on. The OMNI uniforms are yellow; I thought it'd be fun to have an OMNI "uniform" t-shirt. The design is obviously very basic, but it was something to have fun with...