Thursday, April 14, 2011

Sold-Out Conseco, baby!

I started a new novel earlier this week...and I can tell I'm excited about it. Four days of writing have produced more than 10,000 words! That's a tremendous amount of output. I have a very clear idea where this one is going and feel like I have a real sense of the characters I'm writing about. That's helped move things also means I've hit "Sold-Out Conseco" for the first time in a long time on the Reggie Miller Writing Continuum. It's on the low end, 3,500 words, but it's still pretty good!

I shouldn't say this because I know it will jinx me...but if I put my mind to it Saturday or Sunday, I may be able to hit the fabled, lofty heights of "Reggie at the Garden." I don't expect to keep up this torrid pace (if I do, I won't complain), but a few more days like today and this book will be finished in no time (I'm not crossing my fingers, however).