Thursday, April 7, 2011

A revision what?

It's been a big three weeks for my novel I, Crimsonstreak. The manuscript has received the kind of love and attention usually reserved for a big celebrity like Butler's Blue II.

An adorable Bulldog makes every post better.

For three weeks, I've pored over the manuscript at all hours of the day (mostly between midnight and 4am, sometimes actually in daylight on the weekend). I am happy to announce that I'm finally finished.

(Sound FX: Record Screeching)

Wait, I'm NOT finished. You see, I am a mediocre onscreen editor. I'm decent enough...there are several stories I've submitted that have been accepted thanks to my onscreen editorial prowess. However, I usually print out my stories and make ye olde (fashioned) editing marks. There's nothing better, in my opinion, than the symbol for "transpose," the slash for "lower case," and the triple underscore for "capitalize." It's a wondrous world; a language in and of itself.

So now, after "revising" the novel manuscript, it's time to revise the revision and improve upon what I improved. I assure you that my revisions most likely resulted in plot holes, inconsistencies, misspellings, run-on sentences, awkward word usage, and all that fun stuff.

So now, I get to go through this:

500 pages? No sweat!

And I have some good news! After devoting a good chunk of time for revisions, I finally have a great idea for a short story. Expect the Reggie Miller Writing Continuum to return shortly!

As a bonus gift, here's a sneak peek at the chapter structure for I, Crimsonstreak. This will likely change; I noticed while flipping through the manuscript that the early chapters are relatively short while later chapter breaks are spaced farther apart.

Chapter 1 - The Clermont Institution for the Criminally Insane: Serving Evil Doers and Those in Need Since 1978

Chapter 2 - Have (Straight) Jacket, Will Travel

Chapter 3 - My Only Escape is Escaping

Chapter 4 - Look Out Chester, There's a New Cheetah in Town

Chapter 5 - Take Me Down to New Chaos City, Where the Grass is Green and the Butlers are British

Chapter 6 - Batman, Meet Robin...Please Don't End Up Like Jason Todd

Chapter 7 - Chaos Reigns & an Enforcer's Lament

Chapter 8 - A Celebrity at Central Processing

Chapter 9 - The Comet Accelerator (Yes, That's Really What He Calls It)

Chapter 10 - Chaopolis South: It's Like Chaopolis, Only Southier

Chapter 11 - Getting a Boost

Chapter 12 - Chaotic Family Reunion

Chapter 13 - Trapped Like a (Lab) Rat

Chapter 14 - Here We Go Again on Our Own

Chapter 15 - Will the Real Colonel Chaos Please Stand Up?

Chapter 16 - A Not-So-Little Caesar and an Epic Battle of Epicness

Chapter 17 - Rebuilding