Monday, April 4, 2011

I, Crimsonstreak Revision Nearing Completion

Revisions for my book I, Crimsonstreak are nearing completion! I've made it through the story part of the book. While getting rid of some redundancies, choppiness, and the like, I also added about 10,000 words to the text. The main adventure, once a paltry 60,000 words, is now more than 70,000 words. Of course, I will now have to revise the revisions!

Before I get to that...and I will get to that...I have 24,982 words worth of meta-fiction to pour through. These are newspaper articles, character bios, journal entries, and other bits of info that help round out the Crimsonstreak universe. The main task will be to organize the text into topical (and sometimes chronological) appendices, followed by edits/rewrites and reformatting (the meta-fiction has wonky formatting...some of it's in newspaper format and will need to be double-spaced).

I feel like I haven't written anything in two weeks, but revisions are just as much a part of writing as anything else. Mostly, I miss the Reggie Miller Writing Continuum.