Sunday, April 10, 2011

New novel begins!

Thanks to a little inspiration from a colleague of mine, I started work tonight on a new novel. I had about 1,500 words written, but this weekend I worked on refining my outline a bit and decided to commit a few more words to the page. This isn't one of my typical's rooted in actual reality; no spaceships, no superheroes, no aliens or anything like that.

It's a more traditional book that I'll share a little more about when I write more of it. I didn't have a huge writing window to work with tonight, but still ended up with about 2,000 words (another "Average Night" on the Reggie Miller Writing Continuum). It feels strange going from short stories to writing a book again...books are such a grind compared to the "churn it out" nature of the short story format. I'm sure I'll still do some shorter pieces on occasion, but I'd like to get another book under my belt.

I'm aiming for 75,000 to 85,000 words for this one.