Thursday, June 7, 2012

Take 5 with Warren Kensington III

Matt: We've already interviewed his we welcome Warren Kensington III to the blog for Take 5.

Warren III: Thanks for having me, but I'm in uniform.

Matt: You want me to call you the Crusading Comet?

Warren III: Please.

Matt: We talked about this. You know what you have to do.

Warren III: (grunts) Do I have to?

Matt: I can call you "Trip" or "Trey" if you like, Mister Kensington.

Warren III: (defeated sigh) I'm Batman.

Matt: (claps) Thank you. The Crusading Comet joins me today. First question. Where do you get those wonderful toys?

Crusading Comet: I don't think I like the direction of this interview.

Matt: What about those toys?

Crusading Comet: I don't have toys. I have tools. Gadgets. Weapons. Not toys. Most of them are assembled in-house with supplies appropriated from different markets. Mortimer is my acquisitions expert.

Matt: What about the acronyms? Why CIGAR (Comet Intrusion Glider for Aerial Reconnaissance)? Why the Comet Aerobic Recreational Drilling and Intensive Athletic Center (CARDIAC)?

Crusading Comet: It's our way of putting our mark on our tools.

Matt: You could just...stamp them with a Crusading Comet logo.

Crusading Comet: We do.

Matt: You mentioned Mortimer P. Willoughby just a minute ago. A charming man, for sure. What role does he play?

Crusading Comet: The question really is "what role doesn't he play?" Mortimer is everything you could ever ask for. Mentor. Confidant. Chauffeur. Pilot. Craftsman. He was like a father to me...and like a father to Warren.

Matt: Let's delve into your relationship with your son, who will one day take up the mantle of the Crusading Comet. How would you describe your relationship with him?

Crusading Comet: Warren has a lot to live up to. His father is a superhero. His grandfather was a superhero. His great-grandfather was a superhero. For better or worse, it's part of being a Kensington man. It isn't always easy. While other trust fund kids were going on expensive trips and getting designer clothes, my son was learning hand-to-hand combat and working on his computer skills. Leading a double life is hard enough when it's just one of you. Bringing a son into it...complicates things.

Matt: I imagine that's where Morty is a big help.

Crusading Comet: He doesn't like being called "Morty." But, yes, Mortimer is the unofficial teacher and trainer of future Crusading Comets. My responsibilities often keep me out of the penthouse. Mortimer always picked up the slack. I can't imagine what we'd do if he left.

Matt: Shifting gears a bit here, but what can you say about Colonel Chaos?

Crusading Comet: Chaos is a super-powerful, super-intelligent man. I think, if the world were ever in danger, he's the person I'd want in charge. He's fair-minded and sees the big picture. That's a actually a hard thing to admit. We haven't always seen family had dealings with him before he became a good guy. Chaos could've plunged our world into an abyss we'd never be able to claw our way out of. He's changed. Our mutual distaste subsided during a crisis in the Heroic Legion.

Matt: You're talking about the Trial of Demonspawn.

Crusading Comet: That's correct. Some of our prominent heroes, mostly Samson Knight and Great Alexander, wanted a summary judgment. Chaos felt a fair trial was in order. I agreed. It was one of the few times we found common ground on anything. Subsequently, our views began to align.

Matt: That's all we have time for today. Thank you for joining us.

Crusading Comet: This was...better...than I thought it would be.

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