Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Take 5 with Scarlet DashBoy

Matt: I'm pleased to welcome Scarlet DashBoy--one of the lesser heroes in the I, Crimsonstreak universe--to the blog today.

Scarlet DashBoy: What do you mean, "lesser?"

Matt: I mean you're not in the book as much as some of the others, obviously.

Scarlet DashBoy: Oh, okay.

Matt: DashBoy, what's your ability?

Scarlet DashBoy: I'm a super-speedster, like Crimsonstreak.

Matt: Do you do anything else? Shoot laser beams from your eyes?

Scarlet DashBoy: No.

Matt: Fly?

Scarlet DashBoy: No.

Matt: Jump high?

Scarlet DashBoy: No.

Matt: Just a super-speedster, then?

Scarlet DashBoy: Yeah. Now wait a second...I'm just like Crimsonstreak. He can't do any of those things.

Matt: His parents can.

Scarlet DashBoy: But how's that--

Matt: Next question, then. What is your fascination with Crimsonstreak? I've asked you two questions and you've mentioned his name twice already.

Scarlet DashBoy: You've asked like seven questions.

Matt: I didn't know you could count that high. Just answer the last one.

Scarlet DashBoy: I've always looked up to Crimsonstreak. Like, he's the best superhero out there. He's funny, he's fast, he wears a red costume. I love red.

Matt: I think he prefers people to refer to his uniform as crimson. You've kind of taken the same approach to fighting crime as Crimsonstreak, then?

Scarlet DashBoy: What do you mean?

Matt: Not to put too fine a point on it, but you basically ripped off everything about him.

Scarlet DashBoy: So I wear red. I run fast. That doesn't mean I'm just like Crimsonstreak.

Matt: There's that name again.

Scarlet DashBoy: You made the comparison.

Matt: You call yourself Scarlet DashBoy. Your power is super-speed. You don't see any similarities?

Scarlet DashBoy: I guess he did kind of rip off my style.

Matt: I see. He says you took his super-suit once and made everyone think you were him. Is that true?

Scarlet DashBoy: Sometimes you have to help those lesser heroes make a name for themselves.

Matt: You didn't answer the question.

Scarlet DashBoy: There was a big crisis. I wanted people to think Crimsonstreak was there to handle it.

Matt: Are you sure you didn't want to save the day and have everyone give you the credit?

Scarlet DashBoy: I don't think I like you.

Matt: I don't think anyone likes you.

Scarlet DashBoy: That's not very nice.

Matt: Neither is stealing another hero's identity. (sighs) Are you going to be in the next book?

Scarlet DashBoy: Will there be a next book?

Matt: I don't know.

Scarlet DashBoy: You're not much help.

Matt: You wanna do the plug?

Scarlet DashBoy: Sure. I, Scarlet DashBoy is available at a variety of fine retailers...

Matt: The book is called I, Crimsonstreak.

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