Thursday, May 17, 2012

That Time Chuck Wendig Tweeted Stuff

The Bearded One, Chuck Wendig, tweeted a few writing tips today. He admitted they were "stupidly obvious" pieces of advice that are "probably worthless." Thing is...Mr. Wendig is kind of a big deal these days. And then he was, somehow, a big deal again.

So without further commentary, five writing tips he tweeted today:
1. Write a lot. Can’t edit until you’ve written something. Can’t submit or publish something until you’ve edited it. So: write a lot.

2. When writing, try not to suck balls. Some of what you think sucks will be great. Some of what seems great will really suck. Write anyway.

3. If you wanna do this thing full-time, stop giving priority to stuff that isn’t writing. Can’t make it your priority? Do something else.

4. Even 500 words a day or one script page is two or three novels/scripts a year. How awesome is that?

5. Take multiple shots at the goal. A writing career is a lot about luck but luck is a thing you can maximize w/ productivity & diversity.
He then proceeded to go into the woods and frolic after imparting this writing wisdom.

You can follow Chuck on Twitter.

His latest release, Blackbirds, is available from Angry Robot wherever exceptional books are sold.