Monday, May 28, 2012

Take 5 with Crimsonstreak

Matt: Thanks for joining me on the blog today.

Crimsonstreak: Sure. A question, though. Haven't you written enough about me by now?

Matt: I'm asking the questions here, pal.

Crimsonstreak: (smirks) We'll see about that.

Matt: What's your favorite movie?

Crimsonstreak: You're really going in-depth, Katie Couric-rabid-reporter for this one, aren't you?

Matt: We're trying to help people get a character snapshot of you.

Crimsonstreak: Sounds more like you're trying to sell some books to me. Anyway, what do I know?

Matt: I said I'm asking the questions here.

Crimsonstreak: Whatever you say, buddy.

Matt: This is supposed to be a five-question interview.

Crimsonstreak: Can I help it if you're a crappy interviewer?

Matt: You're right. I can't help it if you're a crappy interviewee.

Crimsonstreak: All right, now you're playing ball. Favorite movie of all time...gotta say Return of the Jedi.

Matt: Interesting choice. Most people consider that the most inferior of the Original Trilogy.

Crimsonstreak: I'm not most people.

Matt: I'm getting that impression. Second question here: how fast can you run?

Crimsonstreak: (looks around the room) Who let this guy in? Man, I've gotta get a publicist. I'm fast. Faster than fast. Fastest man on earth. (now seated with food) I just ran to New York for shwarama. You didn't even know I was gone. So, dude, fast.

Matt: You can't pull out a shwarama reference. You haven't even seen The Avengers. Your book's set in like 2010. The sequel isn't even finished yet. I haven't decided if the Marvel Studios movies happened in your timeline.

Crimsonstreak: Sounds like somebody enjoys playing God.

Matt: This is intolerable.

Crimsonstreak: Yes, yes you are.

Matt: (sighs) Let's just try to get through this. Third question: what's with you and Jaci Graves?

Crimsonstreak: That topic is off limits.

Matt: That's right. You only answer "softball" questions.

Crimsonstreak: You're awful, you know that? We used to be a thing, then we weren't. Now...maybe we are again.

Matt: Does she know that?

Crimsonstreak: I don't know. Ask her.

Matt: We do have her scheduled for an upcoming Take 5.

Crimsonstreak: (waves hands) Don't ask her.

Matt: Of course. I'll respect your wishes.

Crimsonstreak: You could at least pretend to sound like you meant that.

Matt: We're rounding third here on this interview.

Crimsonstreak: If this were a four-question interview, that might make sense.

Matt: I'm going to ignore that. Fourth question: from a political standpoint, how will the Heroic Legion help the country recover from the New World Common Wealth? Keep it as spoiler-free as possible.

Crimsonstreak: You are the world's worst interviewer.

Matt: Thank you.

Crimsonstreak: (shrugs) I guess they'll redraw state borders and establish a provisional government or something. Find some lawmakers to help everything get back in balance. Work on the different levels of local government to bring everything back to the way it was. Then there will be elections...and something about the Constitution.

Matt: Don't ever run for office. Please. Okay, last question: who's your least favorite superhero?

Crimsonstreak: In comic books or real people?

Matt: By "real people," you mean people you know, right?

Crimsonstreak: You're a genius.

Matt: Just answer the question.

Crimsonstreak: Did you even read the book you wrote? Don't answer that. My least favorite superhero is Scarlet DashBoy. That little...

Matt: This is a family blog.

Crimsonstreak: (grumbles) very off-putting. Wears red, runs fast...does that sound familiar?

Matt: Actually, it does sound familiar.

Crimsonstreak: (points emphatically) Thank you.

Matt: I kind of sounds like the Flash.

Crimsonstreak: (leans forward in chair) You know where you can stick your book?

Matt: At one of the fine retailers listed below?

Crimsonstreak: Well played, Adams. Well played.

I, Crimsonstreak is available at these fine retailers in a variety of formats:

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