Wednesday, April 25, 2012

ABC's of Crimsonstreak: Letter K

K is for the Kiltech Incursion.

As Colonel Chaos tried to strengthen his power base, an alien species called the Kiltechs revealed itself to Earth and its leaders. Hiding behind a banner of peace, the Kiltechs organized a world peace summit...and then proceeded to slaughter everyone at the conference. Colonel Chaos barely escaped with his life.

The Kiltechs quickly launched a full-scale invasion. Colonel Chaos rallied other heroes and members of the Heroic Legion for a counterstrike, a move that ultimately repelled the invasion. The cost was great: many heroes fell and most of California was destroyed before Chaos and his forces could launch their final offensive.

With the invaders finally defeated in an epic showdown, Chaos used the momentum from his victory during the Kiltech Incursion to establish a one-world government called the New World Common Wealth.