Tuesday, April 17, 2012

ABC's of Crimsonstreak: Letter E

The fifth entry in the ABC's of I, Crimsonstreak brings us to the letter E.

E is for Enforcers.

Elite shock troops; everybody has them.

The Empire has its Stormtroopers. Sauron has his Uruk-hai. Cobra Commander has his Vipers.

Colonel Chaos and the New World Common Wealth have their Enforcers.

When Chaos' NWCW took over the United States and spread like a plague through the rest of the world, Enforcers did most of the heavy lifting. They're former superheroes and supervillains sworn to serve Chaos and his NWCW. This mostly means wearing stupid-looking armor and employing a nasty weapon called a particle buster.

Some members truly believe in Chaos and his "cause," but most simply like to wear armor, look important, and make life miserable for anyone who dares defy the Great One and his growing empire.

The best part of being an Enforcer?

Getting together with a few hundred like-minded folks to recite Colonel Chaos' favorite motto: "Enemies of the Common Wealth must die!"