Tuesday, April 24, 2012

ABC's of Crimsonstreak: Letter J

J is for Jaci Graves.

Jaci Graves is the chief of Enforcers in Chaopolis South and a former girlfriend of Crimsonstreak. Her parents were killed during efforts by Colonel Chaos and the Heroic Legion to repel an alien invasion called the Kiltech Incursion. Grief-stricken, she joined the New World Common Wealth's Enforcer Corps.

Soon after joining the NWCW cause, she realized the global danger Chaos and his lackeys posed to world peace. She began working with the remnants of the Heroic Legion to foment an uprising, funneling key intelligence to heroes bold enough to challenge Chaos directly.

Before joining the NWCW, Jaci was also known as Boost, a superhero who augmented her flying abilities with rocket boots that gave her extra speed and maneuverability. Like Crimsonstreak, she is also a graduate of Franklin College.