Friday, June 24, 2011

Updates for my updates

Tuesday, I provided some quick updates for some of the writing projects I've been working on. You'll find the original post here.

Ah, but today I have updates for my updates!

It looks like the Live and Let Undead anthology will go to press next month. The cover art is still being worked on, a couple of writers are still doing some deep editing, and the book won't quite be ready by the end of June. My story, "Sparky Save the World," will appear in this one. I'm proud of "Sparky" (like a doting parent, I'm proud of all my because the story stretched me a bit. I'd never written a zombie tale before. Now I have.

I only have two stories still out on submission at the moment. One was requested as a "hold" (which means the editors didn't reject it, but haven't accepted it outright--a kind of submission purgatory, if you will). I still hadn't heard about the other.

I can't say that now.

That story is also a "hold," which means it has a good chance of making it into the anthology, but could still be rejected.

So I'll either go two-for-two, one-for-two, or oh-for-two with these stories. When I find out, I'll post it here.