Thursday, June 2, 2011

New Stories Accepted!

After a steady string of "thanks, but no thanks" in the realm of short stories, I'm pleased to announce two acceptances this week.

But first: The Peytonometer...

The first story comes from Strange, Weird, and Wonderful Magazine (website HERE). It took a few tries before I found a story that fit the publication, but I eventually found one. I wrote it last year (May 2010) and titled it (blandly, I might add) "The Policeman." I dusted it off, did a few edits, and retitled it "Old-Fashioned Police Work."

A summary:

Old-Fashioned Police Work: After the police department hires a contingent of super-powered rookies, a veteran officer learns he'll soon be forced into early retirement. As he contemplates his career options, he and the rooks confront a string of robberies that only a little old-fashioned police work can solve.

Timid Pirate Publishing (website HERE) solicited submissions for its upcoming Cobalt City: Dark Carnival anthology. This is a unique one for me; it's part of a pre-established, shared superhero universe. I've submitted to two of these ventures before (one rejection, one still in limbo). So I was very happy to hear my short story "Harrigan the Magnificent" made the cut! I'd also like to point out that the anthology's editors are STILL ACCEPTING submissions until the end of June. So if you have an idea, you still have some time. The submissions page is HERE.

A summary:

Harrigan the Magnificent: Strange psychic messages draw Harrigan to a sinister circus where children disappear in the wake of the grand finale. Determined to save the victims, the luckless antihero confronts the dark mistress behind the behind the plot and stumbles across an unexpected, bittersweet destiny.

To anyone interested, my short stories page has now been updated. You'll find it HERE.

Also, my essential post "So, What Are You Working On?" underwent a massive update as well. Everything I've written now has a summary. You can find the ridiculousness HERE.