Friday, March 18, 2011

Revisions and Book trailers

Yesterday, I shared a publishing triumph, announcing that my short story "Gus and Mariel" has been accepted for publication in an upcoming anthology. I'll let you know the details on release and such when I find out myself.

I don't have a lot to report tonight. I'm working on my book I, Crimsonstreak. I want to do some revisions and then send this latest version out to some readers. A previous draft did okay with an outside reader (i.e., someone I don't know), but he had some great suggestions that I'm putting into the book as a whole. I can tell a major difference between the writing in this book and my short stories.

It's good to be able to spot some repetitive words, boring sentence structures, and that kind of thing. Every once in a while, I'll surprise myself with a nice twist of a phrase ("Sometimes, I amaze even myself," Han said. "That doesn't sound too hard," Leia replied) while looking over my work. But I'm making revisions, oh man, am I making revisions. I wanted to bump up the word count of the book, but I need to do it in an organic manner. I've found a way to do that and have now added about 4,000 words to the narrative in the last week or so.

The major revision is still less than a third complete; even though the main narrative of I, Crimsonstreak is relatively short, I still have to go through and edit an additional 25,000 words of meta-fiction. All that has to be categorized, too.

I get excited very easily. Once an idea comes into my head, it has to come out RIGHT AWAY! I'm not impulsive, necessarily, but when I do happen to want to do something, I get fixated on it. My current fixation is on creating a book trailer. I've been sketching out ideas and storyboards and wishing I had the tools to pull it off. Since I, Crimsonstreak features comic book characters, I'd like to use hand-drawn characters, but I don't have the skills to draw them effectively. That won't stop me. I may try to come up with something this weekend, just for fun.