Saturday, March 19, 2011

A New Era Launches

This is tough to write today, but it is necessary.

Since 2005, I have been contributing to The Flying Trapeezius (often abbreviated simply as "TFT"). Since its inception (and idea sparked by my buddy Krildog), the blog has become a platform for sports talk, parodies, movie reviews, and general tomfoolery. For years, it was the place for me to express myself through writing.

There were Great Moments in Fake Olympic History, posts about the great Christopher Walken, the insanity of the Fighting Ultimate Championship Knockout, crappy photoshopping, crappy video editing, and much, much more.

The blog expanded, contracted, and changed to reflect its writers' various personalities. For the good part of the last two years, I have been the primary contributor, writing mostly about the Colts, trying out the TFT Movie Quote of the day, and more recently, blogging about my writing pursuits.

Today, I take a bit of my own advice. My Blogger profile no longer says "Studicus." Now, I will blog as myself. I will contribute as myself. And while I have an unwavering love for TFT, my writing pursuits do not lend themselves well to that blog's mission, which is bigger than one person. TFT should be a place for making fun of Rex Ryan and Ray Lewis; a place to deride crappy movies and goof on Dolph Lundgren.

It shouldn't be the place where my alternate ego, Matt Adams the Writer, posts under a pseudonym to talk about his writing exploits (yes, I just employed the third person and admitted to having multiple personalities). I have a new playground for my writing announcements, posts on writing craft, and other publishing content. The next stop on my writing journey is The tagline: "My Kingdom for a Novel (or a Short Story): the official blog of unofficial writer Matt's a Matt, Matt, Matt, Matt World and you're living in it."

I imagine I'll pop by TFT every once in a while, and I may even cross-post on occasion.

It may seem like an easy decision; a no-brainer. But it's something I really had to think about. I'd like to thank Krildog for helping me come to this decision.