Tuesday, March 1, 2011

"Vengeance" is Static Movement's!

Well, I can tell you my writing productivity this week will be very low. I have a freelance video project with a tight deadline to work on and I'm also going to do the site's first-ever book review. Funny how that works...you have to actually READ the book before you review it.

At least I have one nice piece of writing news to share today: my short story "Vengeance" was accepted for an anthology called Serve in Heaven, Reign in Hell from the awesome folks at Static Movement. One thing I'll say for them: they never lack for anthology ideas. Seriously, check out their website and you'll find more than two dozen open anthologies!

A quick summary of "Vengeance" - Calvin Collins is a nobody, a low-level hood with friends in low places--the perfect police informant. Double-crossed by two detectives he foolishly trusted, Calvin gets three bullets in the chest and an all-expenses-paid trip to Hell. There, he faces a choice: a painful, fiery afterlife or the chance to get even. But in order to avenge his death, he must first become Vengeance, a being of pure, dark energy who serves an even darker master.

Oh...oh...oh! Wait...

Do you know what this means? I get to invoke the Peytonometer!!!!!!!

Dial it up to "We Have a Winner," baby!

What does the Peytonometer mean? You'll find the answer here.