Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Book cover concepts!

I received an email today from my publisher that nearly drove me to tears. had nothing to do with editing notes!

Attached to the email were a few rough "proof of concept" pieces for the cover of I, Crimsonstreak. These were very rough sketches, but they really spoke to me. I didn't expect that. Even though the concepts are in an early stage, it's clear the artist read my book and picked out certain details to include for the cover. Some of these details were very minor in terms of the book.

It was one of those "wow" moments we encounter so infrequently in life.

I think every writer hopes to see that happen. Yes, I understand the book isn't in print yet. Yes, I know I have like 80 billion pages left to revise. Yes, I understand this isn't even a final cover.

Yet, it was a special, very personal moment for me to see this artwork from a person I've never met who felt connected, somehow, to the book I've written.

Just wait until I get the final cover!