Tuesday, November 15, 2011

So far this week...

By the time this posts, it will be Tuesday morning.

I didn't quite finish my book yet, but I'm definitely getting there. I'm going to exceed my original word count target by 15,000 words!

Meantime, I'm racing against the clock to finish A Storm of Swords before the library takes it away from my Kindle on November 24! I'm 400 pages into the 1,200-page book, although the last 50 pages or so are background information and a preview of the next installment. I'll make my deadline with some dedicated reading over the next week.

Also a note that the Dark Carnival anthology from Timid Pirate Publishing is ready to launch. I received an email from the esteemed Mr. Nathan Crowder that the book will arrive at the Timid Pirate offices this week. That means I should get my copy in the next few days, which means I'll take pictures of the book and table of contents, which means I'll then blog about it. Oh...oh...oh...you can also order it through Amazon.com.