Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Take 5: Stan Kirkpatrick

Stan Kirkpatrick--perhaps better known as the Amazing Marvel--sat down for an exclusive interview to talk about his new career as a Hollywood stuntman, the pleasure of working with a talented lead actor, and the possibility of a sequel.

Matt: Thanks for your time today, Stan. I know you're in high demand now as a stuntman. Tell me a little bit about your role in Confessions of an Amazing Marvel.

Stan Kirkpatrick: It's not really a role, Matt. I play a stuntman in the movie version of my life as a superhero. So even though I'm the Amazing Marvel in real life, in the movie--Confessions of an Amazing Marvel--I take care of the action scenes.

Matt: So even though the movie is based on a book you wrote, you're not actually in the movie?

Stan Kirkpatrick: (coughs) When you say it that way, it sounds kind of pitiful. I'm on the screen, you just can't see my face. See, I did all the stunts. All the flying, all the getting beat up, all the being buried underneath buildings. That was all me. The movie again is Confessions of an Amazing Marvel.

Matt: It's funny you say that. Sounds like you got to do everything except actually APPEAR in the movie, which is based on the book you wrote based on your own life. Seems ironic. We've heard the film has quite the ending. What can you tell me about that?

Stan Kirkpatrick: The ending of the movie is absolutely amazing! They bring my arch-nemesis Bloodsport out and we have this epic fight. It's spectacular. The movie's called Confessions of an--

Matt: I think everyone knows the title by now, Stan. The early reviews are coming in and they're good. Everyone seems to be raving about Shia's performance. It's his first real lead action role. How do you feel about that?

Stan Kirkpatrick: (visibly agitated flinch, almost like a mental tic at the mention of Shia's name) He was the most...professional (grits teeth) actor (grits teeth) I've ever worked with. He really got into the role of the Amazing Marvel (grits teeth) and respected the source material (grits teeth). I really enjoyed working with him and learning from him (vein becomes visible on forehead).

Matt: It sounds like the movie is going to be one of those big-time, summer tentpole films. They're already talking about a sequel. What would you like to see happen?

Stan Kirkpatrick: There are plenty of stories within the book to adapt, as adaptation left a few things out. I've got more material to mine for a new screenplay. In addition, I'm also a full-time superhero, so I imagine my next encounter with a supervillain will be game for a sequel to Confessions of an Amazing Marvel.

Matt: Stan Kirkpatrick, everyone.

Stan Kirkpatrick: Thanks for letting me have that last title plug.

Matt: No problem.

Read all about Stan's second career in The Stuntman, available now on the Kindle, Nook, and Smashwords.