Tuesday, August 2, 2011

New Project, Reggie Meter Update

Over the weekend, I sketched out a few ideas for a new writing first--a sequel. After spending a long time revising I, Crimsonstreak, I decided I wanted to return to that world of superheroes and supervillains.

So let's make it official...I'll let Peyton do the honors, since he's not doing much right now:

I, Crimsonstreak 2: (colon subtitle undetermined but suitably snarky) is now moved into the First Draft Queue! What does that mean? Well...it means I'll be working on it for a few months while maybe squeezing in the occasional short story. It also means, being a first draft, that it will completely suck.

I made good progress today, too. My writing shift was split between a morning session and a late night, post-work session. Combined, I ended the day with 2,400 words, good enough for Average Night on the Reggie Miller Writing Continuum.