Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Live and Let Undead Almost Here!

The short story collection Live and Let Undead is nearly upon us!

Imagine what would happen if the zombie apocalypse ended up being less than apocalyptic. Zombies must co-exist with humanity! How would we do it? Would we put them to work?

My contribution is "Sparky Save the World" --
Harris and his bomb-sniffing partner Sparky work to stop biological weapons and other dangers from going through the nation's ports. Trained to detect hazardous materials, Sparky--an UNDEAD (UNnaturally DE-evolved Anthropological Degenerate) who used to be human--proves his ultimate worth when confronted with a massive, potentially catastrophic weapons shipment.
Fellow contributor Pete Giglio crafted a book trailer for the release, which is coming shortly. The best part is about 1:55 in. I kid, I kid.

Look for Live and Let Undead soon from Library of the Living Dead Press!