Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Your Reggie Miller Writing Continuum Update

I committed 1,900 words to the page tonight, falling more surely into the AVERAGE NIGHT category than a mid-range jumper from 31 himself.

I'm about finished with the story I started yesterday and think it will end up being about 5,000 words before I go back and revise.

I also sent a submission today. I actually wrote it specifically for one anthology, but was very pleased with how it turned out. I decided to send it first to a publication that pays a little bit more. If it gets accepted there, it would be awesome. If not, I'll send it to the anthology series I originally intended it for. The publication I sent it to is usually quick about rejections, so I should have plenty of time to re-send it if needed (the deadline for the anthology I intended it for is March 1st).