Monday, January 10, 2011

First draft complete!

I woke up early enough this morning to finish the first draft of a short story that's been percolating in my mind for a little while.

It's called "To the Infinity Room" and tells the story of Melvin Garth, a man obsessed with collecting trophies and trinkets from infinite realities of the multi-verse. Along with his "sweet but somewhat dim-witted" assistant Nathaniel, Melvin spends most of his days polishing, dusting, and alphabetizing his growing collection of historical pieces, alternate-reality sports memorabilia, and antiques.

Of course, young Nathaniel decides to try his hand at traveling with a device called "The Infinity Room," and Melvin rushes to retrieve a precious piece of his collection that he fears is lost forever in the infinite cosmos.

As with many of my works, it has a few pop culture references. I'm very pleased with how the first draft came out. Now I'll have to get out the trusty editing pen and start slashing/adding/refining!