Sunday, January 16, 2011

Reggie Miller Writing Continuum

Last weekend, I compared my writing process to Reggie Miller, specifically his reputation as a dead-eye streak shooter. This weekend, I'm taking it a step further.

Below you'll find the "Reggie Miller Writing Continuum," an informal tool that I will begin using to measure my writing progress. It may refer to a daily number of words I'm writing or it may refer to the progress I'm making on a short story. Basically, it's a stupid idea and it makes me laugh.

Here's the quick rundown:

1. Blocked (0-500 words)

2. Free Throws & Jumpers (501-1,500 words)

3. Average Night (1,501-3,000 words)

4. Sold-Out Conseco (3,001-5,000 words)

5. Reggie at the Garden (5,001-6,000+ words)