Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Progress report

After announcing that I'd finally chosen my next project, I'm going gangbusters on it. The paranormal novel involves a hotshot TV reporter, and I've really made some good progress over the last week or so. My work-in-progress currently stands at about 20,500 words. I'm gunning for about 85,000, so I'm a little under a quarter of the way there. I've been particularly productive over the last four days, averaging about 3,000 words/day (I've been on vacation this week; so much easier to write when the day job is on the shelf!).

Right now, the working title is The Exclusive (I'm also considering The Source). I have an outline, but I find myself going back and making changes or adding to it as I write. That happens sometimes. The first draft of my last project (I haven't announced the title) didn't need many changes to the outline. It really depends on the book and what happens as your write. I've recently discovered that I don't need a hyper-detailed outline, but I do like to go back and check my progress, adding little details and thoughts about the book as I go along.