Friday, October 25, 2013

Fanboy Comics interview

I chatted with Fanboy Comics this week about I, Crimsonstreak and II Crimsonstreak.

The interview with managing editor Barbra J. Dillion touches on lightening up the superhero genre, works in progress, and other superhero goodness:
BD: How soon may readers anticipate the final installment of the trilogy, III Crimsonstreak? Have you already begun work on the book?

MA: I’ve finished the first draft of III Crimsonstreak and am working on revisions before I submit it. It’ll be approximately the same length as the second book and tie up the plot. The third book’s in a pretty good place right now as far as first drafts go. I’ve got some character moments to nail down and some third act plot machinations to smooth out. I expect a release late summer/early fall next year as long as I get it submitted early enough.
Be sure to check out the entire interview.