Monday, November 19, 2012

Thanksgiving week ahoy!

Turkey, stuffing, family time, LESS WRITING!

Thanksgiving Day is almost upon us, and that means ultimate distractions of epic proportions (and portions).

I've picked up steam on III Crimsonstreak, writing 6,600 words this weekend. I even wrote 800 words on a Colts Sunday, which hardly ever, ever happens. The draft has now surpassed 30,000 words. Currently, Crimsonstreak is stuck in the year 1970 and hitting the superhero club scene with the second Crusading Comet. Yeah, there's a superhero club scene in the 70s. Who knew?

The second Crusading Comet is someone we don't know much about. While we never met the original Comet in the first book, we knew about him because of the appendices. The second Comet is barely mentioned...we know only that he existed because Warren III had to have a father. This storyline gives us a chance to get more insight into that fabled Kensington mindset.

Remember, they're all named Warren Kensington.

This book also includes some fun with our hero in the Old West, but the 1970 stuff is so much fun, I sense some rearranging in the future. Right now, though, it's time to power through the first draft...meaning that I'll continue to write based on my outline and not really think too much about making everything fit perfectly together while writing the story. So yeah, it's pretty much "clean up on aisle six NOW" right after completing the first draft.

I mean, III Crimsonstreak is getting even more ridiculous than either of the previous books. I have a walking castle filled with Nazi zombies and Teutonic Knights, an Old West plot involving an old mine and a cannon full of dynamite, and a fantastic reference to the Hamburglar.

In non-writing news, my wife and I watched Lincoln this weekend. This was a tremendous movie if you're into history/debate/political drama. Daniel Day-Lewis was phenomenal. You won't find big explosions or pulse-pounding, save-the-world action, but you will find a few light moments and moments of surprising intensity. Highly recommended.

Oh, and the Colts played the Patriots. It didn't end well.