Friday, November 2, 2012

III Crimsonstreak Progress

After about a week of writing, I've cracked the 13,000-word mark on the third Crimsonstreak book. You see, II Crimsonstreak ends with a cliffhanger, thus necessitating the need to resolve said cliffhanger. As I prepared that book for submission, all the characters--Crimsonstreak, Jaci, Falcon Gray, etc.--got into my head.

I decided it was time to draft my next book. I started to write III Crimsonstreak: Speed Kills (the subtitle will change--sorry, John Madden fans). While it's been hard to find writing time (I work full time and teach a college class as well), I've been able to pound out 2,000 words here and 1,200 words there. I hope that being to write in these steady, little chunks will help me reach my target of 85,000 words. Like the other two books, III Crimsonstreak will feature appendices...although I don't know what kind of "extra" content I'll add.

I anticipate this will be the final adventure featuring Crimsonstreak. That can always change (we're going to see new Star Wars movies after all). The last "planned" Crimsonstreak book is actually a spinoff, Mortimer: International Man of Taste and Intrigue. That's right...everyone's favorite butler will get his own book chronicling his career with the Crusading Comet.