Monday, July 4, 2011

Smashwords and a Quick Update

I've put five stories up at Smashwords and am asking for a fair price of 99-cents for them. Actually, I'm part of a summer promotion at the site, and the code "SSWSF" gets you those stories for free. You can find my author profile here. Since I am now a bookselling whore, I've also added a new "Matt's Store" tab to this blog. Some of my stories are also available in the Amazon Kindle Store.

Someone was kind enough to buy a pair of stories on Smashwords today without using the promotional code. If this was a mistake, I apologize, dear customer. If you bought out of the kindness of your heart, I appreciate it (or it could be a case of "Thanks, Mom!"--I really don't know).

After a fun day of celebrating the Fourth of July weekend with my in-laws, I pounded out 1,500 words, putting me at Average Night on the Reggie Miller Writing Continuum.

I'm now about 3,000 words into a new superhero short story.

The other crime fiction story I'm working on is about 4,100 words now. I need to get back to that one soon.