Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Crimsonstreak in StoryBundle

You know what's cool? Having I, Crimsonstreak made available with a bunch of other awesome superhero books!

The novel is one of several available as part of StoryBundle's latest collection. These bundles are really neat: you pick what price you're willing to pay for a collection of similarly themed books. Seriously...think these books are worth $1 total? Pay a dollar! Think they're worth $50? By all that. We'll all thank you.

But there's a slight catch: if you decide the books are worth less than $12 total, you'll only get four of them (including Crimsonstreak). Pay at least $12 and you activate four bonus books by some really great authors. That's the beauty of StoryBundle: it's an affordable way to get a ton of books and discover some under-the-radar reads.

Here are the books available in this bundle: 
Pick your price and suit up for some awesome superhero action! Make sure to hurry...the deal only lasts for the next three weeks. After that, it's gone quicker than you can say, "Crimsonspeed, go!"