Monday, May 20, 2013

III Crimsonstreak and II Crimsonstreak latest

Not much of an update here, but I thought I'd post something today.

I finished my first draft of III Crimsonstreak and read through it (via Kindle) this weekend. I think it's in much, much better shape than its predecessor. An outline did wonders for the book, something I will one day blog about. It's...uh...right next on the list to the Jurassic Park book vs. movie post that I've been planning to do.'s nice to have a first draft done. Plenty of work is ahead, of course, including revisions, the addition of appendices, and the incorporation of reader feedback.

As for II Crimsonstreak, I received feedback from my publisher and my second-round edits are due near the end of May/beginning of June. We're on target for an October release and should have an exciting cover to reveal soon. The same awesome cover artist is on the case, so I know we're getting something fantastic.