Monday, May 13, 2013

Decent writing weekend

I didn't have a great writing weekend on III Crimsonstreak, but I turned in a decent effort. Friday netted only 1,000 words. I rebounded with 3,000 words on Saturday.

I fared better on Sunday despite a terrible start. After several hours in front of the keyboard, I ended up with only 1,600 words. I went back in the evening and pounded out another 3,000 words, bringing my total for the day to 4,600 words. For the weekend, I finished with 8,600 words. That wasn't quite the success story from a couple weekends ago, when I averaged 5,000 words over a three-day span.

The first draft now stands at more than 82,000 words. I'm wrapping up the main storyline now. The last act will need some major revisions--I'm again juggling a lot of characters and my "character geography" is a little off--but the important thing is that I kept at it. I think the first three-fourths of the book are solid since much of that is revised from a previous, inferior version of the story.

I will end up making a flowchart for the final battle because I need one.