Sunday, April 21, 2013

Update on projects

Writing production was non-existent last week. I read through some projects but didn't write anything new or revise III Crimsonstreak.

Shame on me.

I'm usually good about writing five or six days a week--it just didn't happen this time. It's okay; sometimes you're going to have a bad week. Usually, I'm able to eke out a few words even when I'm feeling a little stressed out, but I just felt stretched thin. The important thing is not to allow last week's drought to turn into a drought that drags on for several weeks.

I'm working on revisions for III Crimsonstreak tonight. I've also read through The Franchise as notes trickle in from Beta Reader Extraordinaire. I expect to work on final edits for II Crimsonstreak, first draft/revisions for III Crimsonstreak, and reworking of The Franchise simultaneously. This will leave blogging at a premium...and content is at a dearth as it is.

On the plus side, I finished reading Jurassic Park and hope to write a book/movie comparison soon. It won't be comprehensive, but I'd like to talk about the key differences and what I liked/didn't like about each version. I've also started reading Les Miserables to give myself an infusion of the classics.

My reading list is waaaaay too long, FYI.