Thursday, April 11, 2013

Still revisioning

I hit the "halfway point" on revisions for the third Crimsonstreak book. I put quotes around "halfway point" because I'm not really halfway finished. As I've written before, I had about 70,000 words written on the book. Then, after doing revisions for II Crimsonstreak, I realized the third book needed a fresh coat of paint and wasn't going anywhere. I trimmed 10,000 words immediately (a section that was fairly pointless) and ended up cutting another 5,000 words.

This was after I went back to the drawing board and wrote an outline that laid out the plot in great detail. Since I'd tweaked the ending of the second book, I had sections to rewrite and characters to add. Some things from the original draft stayed, some things went away. So when I say I'm at the "halfway point," it means that I'm at page 170 of my 340-page Word document.

And I still have LOTS of work to do. Once the revisioning is done, I'll have to write the darn ending. And, yes, I know "revisioning" isn't a word. Then again, neither is "Reaganing" and that worked out well for Jack Donaghy.

I decided this week that I wanted to read Jurassic Park again and write a blog post about the differences between the book and the movie. I started last night and got about 50 pages in. More on that later.