Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Another revisions update and an event

I'm cruising through revisions for II Crimsonstreak--and by cruising I mean "doing a lot of work on a book that had its share of problems that needed to be fixed over a period of several weeks." The deadline is March 15; I'm about 83% done with revisions.

My last update on the blog from February 22 noted that I was about 33% finished with revisions. So I've made good progress in the span of a few weeks. Revisions are one of those things I dread a little bit as an author. I knew the book would need some work, but I didn't really consider how much work it would need. The first Crimsonstreak book was a relatively light edit. The sequel is a different story.

I could write a blog post about the reasons why. Actually, I should do that...just not right now.

I should also mention that I'll join several fellow authors in Madison, Indiana, on March 16 for the Authors Fair at That Book Place. It's the third year for the event. I went last year to support some of my author friends...this year I'll be signing and selling books. For more information about the event, check out the website for That Book Place.