Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Man of Steel trailer un-breakdown

Warner Bros. gave us a taste of Man of Steel with the first full-length trailer. I was actually very impressed with the trailer. I think the movie looks solid...a kind of Batman Begins vibe for the Man of Steel.

Check out the whole thing here:

I had a few thoughts during the trailer that I wanted to share--a frame-by-frame breakdown of what I glimpsed.

Opening: That song from Gladiator (except it's not)

Arms outstretched, bearded Jesus Superman doesn't remind me of Superman Returns at all.

Overcome by sensory overload, young Clark Kent struggles with New Wave music.

Against the advice of his father, Clark pushes a bus off a bridge just to see what happens.

He has second thoughts and saves everyone.

Pa Kent: Do you want to have catch?

This bus...it haunts me.

Wait...did you just say I should let an entire bus full of children plunge into the water without saving anyone?

Clark wanders onto the set of Prometheus in an effort to untangle the plot. Not even his keen Kryptonian intellect is up to the task.

A super Pez dispenser.

Meanwhile, in a different movie, Superman visits Ice Planet Hoth. Many tauntauns die.

Clark after biting into a York Peppermint Patty.

Up, up, and away.

Presented without comment.

The aliens from Independence Day return along with the tanker truck from Twister. Alternative theory: Unicron is back and he's pissed.

Jor-El promises he'll find a good home for his son. His wife doesn't realize his "plan" involves sending their child to a distant planet in the off chance he won't land in water.

Henry Cavill really wanted to play the Human Torch. This was a concession.

General Zod appears. Instead of demanding that Superman kneel before him, he asks nicely.

The result. Well, nicely is a relative term.

Stuff blows up...you know, because Hayden Christensen watches from faraway Mustafar.

Superman leads an elite team of...wait a second...he's in handcuffs.

"Hey, Dad. Remember that time you won the science fair for me?" Clark recalls wistfully. "Why didn't I have that catch?"

Pam from "The Office" makes an appearance, tells Clark to stop mugging at the camera every five seconds.*

*I realize that Amy Adams isn't Pam from "The Office"