Friday, October 5, 2012

Five Things to Expect from Crimsonstreak 2

Beloved characters will return, but you'll be especially happy to see one of them. All the usual suspects are back, including our titular hero, Jaci Graves, the Crusading Comet (both of them), Colonel Chaos, and Miss Lightspeed. Things may get a little Masterpiece Theatre at times, if you catch my meaning.

You will believe a man-bird can fly. Get ready to fall in love with Falcon Gray, a noble, kind, and somewhat obtuse hero who may or may not be completely crazy.

The multiverse gets...complicated. Not only is the world at risk this time...all the worlds are at risk. Prepare yourself for a brain-bending game of multiversal Boggle.

Someone will outrun Crimsonstreak. Christopher Gregory Fairborne is the Fastest Man on Earth; he may even be the fastest man ever to exist. least he used to be. He doesn't take this particularly well.

Not a happy ending. At the end of I, Crimsonstreak, everything seemed to work out for our hero. His father wasn't evil after all, his mom came back, and he reunited with an old flame. In II Crimsonstreak, we learn the fallout. Colonel Chaos is on trial, Miss Lightspeed isn't exactly herself, and our heroes have a lot to do before the Kiltechs come back for revenge.